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Medication-assisted Treatment

252 East High Street, Suite 1
Lexington, KY 40507



Intensive Outpatient Treatment

252 East High Street, Suites 2 and 3
Lexington, KY 40507




Are you accepting new patients?

We are currently accepting new patients and when at capacity will work hard to locate an acceptable program(s) that can assist you same or next day. 

Do you accept Medicaid?

We accept private insurance as well as state Medicaid. In addition, we offer an affordable self-pay rate of $75.00 per week. 

How close are you to the bus station?

We are appoximently 1000-1500 feet away from the main bus terminal in Lexington.

What is MAT?

(MAT) or Medication-assisted treatment consists of doctor visits, case management and individual therapy. 

What is IOP?

(IOP) or Intensive Outpatient Treatment consists of 3-5 group therapy sessions per week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6pm to 9pm or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 6pm to 9pm in addition to 1 individual therapy session and doctor visit. 

Am I required to attend MAT or IOP to receive medication?

We understand that life is busy, however, we also understand that addiction is life-threatening. During the initial assessment, our highly trained therapists will determine what level of care is appropriate. For those a little further along in their recovery MAT may be the best option. For those new in recovery, IOP may be better suited. 

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